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Laugh Lounge

Comedian Submission Page

We love comics and support real artists, and if you are one, we want to put you up, buy your drinks, and put money in your wallet. Don't worry if the lighting or quality isn't the best. We love comedy and we want great comics to perform at our club, but we also love our audiences, too and know that they deserve a fantastic show!


What gets you booked on Laugh Lounge?

Be Funny

We define funny as a minimum of 2.5 laughs per minute. LPM = 1 point per laugh (entire room laughs) + .5 points per chuckle (part of the room laughs) + 2 for applause break (everyone cheers) divided by the number of minutes. 



Be Original

We want to see your point of view; not just another hack joke about airline food. The only way to be original is to be yourself. Best to avoid characters, personas, or mimicking your comedy heroes unless you're able to create something original from that.



Be Composed
You are relaxed, in control, you set the tone and energy, and are not desperate or at the mercy of the audience.



Be Prepared
Know your material, we don't allow phones or note cards on stage and you should not lose your train of thought or have to think about what you're going to say next.



Be Dynamic
Don't just follow a script. Engage the audience, use crowd work when necessary, comment on jokes when appropriate, adjust to the circumstances. Be authentic.



Be Professional
You're dressed in clean, pressed attire and are well-groomed. You watch other performers attentively, stay the duration of the show, respect your time, thank the audience for coming, are not under the influence of alcohol to the point where it makes people uncomfortable. Arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the show. Basic Golden Rule shit you should have learned in Kindergarten.



Don't Be Bland
Your material needs to have bite; jokes should have a target. Someone gets hurt. At the very least, something about you should be interesting, unique or stand-out. If you're regular that's fine, but we don't put regular things on display.



Don't Pander
If you resort to polling the audience when it's not a part of a bit, flattery, or any behavior designed to get people to like you because your material is terrible. For example, "Let's give it up for the troops" is a cheat because everyone is going to cheer this. Shame on you if you're using it get applause because your material is terrible and not good enough for an applause on its own.



Be Provable
We don't care how many open mics you've done, or how long you've been doing comedy. Ability is all that matters and if you have ability, than it's observable, repeatable, provable and measurable. Let your set do the talking and we will check it against this list. If it lines up, you'll get booked.



How do I submit myself?


Simple! Just do one of the following things:


Send us a Message or Email with Two Videos

The videos should be of two separate performances and can be links or attachments to an email. You can use contact form below or email them to us at



Perform Twice at Smörgåsbord Open Mic

We host a weekly open mic where you can show us how funny you are! Two successful performances will get you considered for Laugh Lounge. Smorgasbord Open Mic Show is located at 337 East Forsyth Street in downtown Jacksonville and held every Wednesday at 9pm. Performers may sign up at the door and must be checked-in by 8:45pm.



Enroll At Creative Veins

Our sessions last 4 weeks; that's a lot of time to spend with someone, so we'll know what your capabilities are. Taking classes is not a guarantee; it's just a way to get verified. Successful completion of our comedy class and at least one successful performance at our weekly open mic (Smorgasbord) will get you considered for Laugh Lounge.